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  • Lake Elsinore - City Hall Lake Elsinore - City Hall 2 day Residents please be safe this weekend and stay home if possible! If you need to go out be safe. To report any concerns, please report it on the Alert LE app or call (951) 674-5170. If you see standing water, turn around…don’t drown!
  • Lake Elsinore - City Hall Lake Elsinore - City Hall 2 days Storms are predicted all through this weekend. Don’t forget you can get FREE sandbags the following ways: City Public Works Yard • The City's Public Works Yard is located at 521 North Langstaff Street. • Up to 25 free sandbags per resident can be picked up at the City Yard on Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. • Bring a shovel and an ID or utility bill for proof of residency. All sandbags are empty and must be filled by the residents. • Sand is available outside the main entrance of the City Yard at any time and free to anyone who needs it. Local Fire Stations • Sandbags are available anytime at local fire stations. • Limited to 25 sandbags per resident and the sand is NOT provided. • The following fire stations are in or near the City of Lake Elsinore: o Canyon Hills Fire Station No. 94 - 22770 Railroad Canyon Rd., Lake Elsinore o Lake Elsinore Fire Station No. 10 - 410 Graham Avenue, Lake Elsinore o McVicker Park Fire Station No. 85 - 29405 Grand Avenue, Lake Elsinore o Rosetta Canyon Fire Station No. 97 - 41725 Rosetta Canyon Drive, Lake Elsinore o Lakeland Village Fire Station No. 11 - 33020 Maiden Ln, Lake Elsinore
  • Lake Elsinore - City Hall Lake Elsinore - City Hall 4 days La Laguna Resort and Boat Launch!
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