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Clean LE Pledge

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Please fill out the City’s Clean LE Pledge promising to love where you live by keeping Lake Elsinore clean, beautiful and litter-free. Small acts, when multiplied by thousands of people, can have transformative impacts on our community. 

Clean LE Pledge 

I pledge to love where I live by doing my part to keep my school, neighborhood, and/or community clean and free from liter. It’s simple; I promise to throw my trash and other waste materials away and to pick up litter when I see it.

I pledge to not let litter linger on my property, lawn or street. I will remove litter from my property right away, because I understand that leaving it there will encourage more littering.

I pledge to assist the City in raising awareness about the need to keep our community litter-free by encouraging my friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and others to love where they live and to take this pledge.        

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