Happy 121st Birthday, City of Lake Elsinore!

"A Boom Town that Survived"

Post Date:04/23/2009 2:00 PM

April 23 marks City's 121st year since incorporation

On April 9, 1888, residents of the Elsinore Valley answered the question, "Shall we have a City?" with a resounding "Yes!"Lake Elsinore bird's eye view looking north

Today marks the 121st year since the incorporation of the City of Elsinore, as it was originally named, on April 23, 1888.

According to historian Tom Hudson*, the name Elsinore was chosen by Margaret Collier Graham, wife of one of the town's founders and sister of another, for the "immortality given it by Shakespeare and Campbell; and because it had a pleasant sound." It wasn't until 1972, by popular vote, that the City name would officially become Lake Elsinore.

Visit the City timeline page for a whirlwind chronology of this City's dreams and destiny. Or investigate the Lake Elsinore Historical Society's two charming museums for more about the Lake Elsinore Valley and its colorful past. Visitors (and residents) should check out the City's Community Life Web pages for lots of ways to fill your day.Lake view from lookout

Today, Lake Elsinore is nearing 50,000 in population and boasts plenty of attractions, services and opportunities to live up to its branding slogan, "Dream Extreme!" As we mark year 121, the Dream continues.

* Reference source: Lake Elsinore Valley: its story 1776-1977, by Tom Hudson: 1978

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