New rules for off-leash dog play approved

Council investigating options for a future dog park

Post Date:10/14/2009 10:45 AM

The City Council has approved new "off leash" dog rules to accommodate dog owners while a future dog park is studied

Effective immediately, dogs will be allowed to play off leash in designated areas. Previously, the Lake Elsinore Municipal Code required dogs to be on leash at all City parks and facilities. New rule and regulations governing designated dog play areas are also in effect.

Only one site has been approved by the City Council for off leash dog use: the lower ball field at McVicker Canyon Park. Beginning today, dogs will be allowed off leash between the hours of dawn and 10:30 a.m., after which they must be back on leash while in the park.

The new Ordinance allows dogs to go off leash at any specially designated City areas that may be posted for dog use, while the City investigates its options for building a permanent dog park.

Dog owners who petitioned for "off leash" privileges at McVicker Canyon Park last month persuaded a Council majority to agree to a three month trial run. Dog owners agreed to self-police and pick up after their dogs under new rules in exchange for an off leash play area at the park. 

Off leash dog play falls under new rules, particularly when it comes to owners picking up after their dogs. The City Council will evaluate the effectiveness of these new rules and the future of the McVicker Canyon Park dog play area in three months.

In November, City staff will report to the City Council on options for a permanent dog park.

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