Reply Brief Submitted for SCE Projects, Awaiting Judge's Proposed Decision

Valley-Ivyglen and Alberhill Transmission Line Projects Update

Post Date:01/18/2018 8:49 AM

On January 4, 2018, the City submitted a reply brief to the  California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regarding Southern California Edison's (SCE) Valley-Ivyglen & Alberhill Transmission Line Projects. This is the latest step the City has taken to ensure our community is protected.

The City is officially an intervenor on these projects. As an intervenor, the City was given the opportunity to submit a reply brief to the Administrative Law Judge to address any issues raised in opening briefs submitted to the CPUC in November. The City submitted its opening brief on November 30, 2017.  

The next step is a proposed decision from the Administrative Law Judge at the CPUC. The Judge has 90 days to issue a proposed decision, which will then be considered by the Commissioners to the CPUC. Public input will not be sought or encouraged until after the Administrative Law Judge makes this decision. At this time the City, will urge the community to share their comments with the CPUC. 

These controversial projects involve the installation and/or replacement of many new power poles and transmission lines that will run throughout the City of Lake Elsinore. The transmission lines could have significant effects on our community and may impact future economic development.

SCE has applied for approval of these projects through the CPUC, which has jurisdiction over major powerline projects.  The City has insisted that additional mitigation by way of undergrounding the lines should be required. 

As these projects make their way through the decision process at the CPUC, the City will remain fully engaged and take proactive measures to protect our interests. The City will continue to pursue undergrounding, especially in critical and highly visible areas, of poles and structures, and will keep the public apprised of the status of the projects and the City’s efforts.

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