Gunnerson Street Safety Project Now Complete

All road closures and detours removed.

Post Date:05/23/2018 5:49 PM

UPDATE: This project is now complete as of May 25, 2018. The City is grateful to Caltrans for investing in our community by making this busy and dangerous roadway a little bit safer for our citizens. 



Construction began on the long-awaited Gunnerson Street Safety Project on February 15 at the intersection of Gunnerson Street/Strickland Avenue and Riverside Drive/Highway 74. This was a Caltrans administered project.  

The project aims to improve traffic safety, capacity and circulation in this busy interchange by widening the roadway and adding new left turn pockets to turn onto Gunnerson Street or Strickland Avenue. At this time, a traffic signal is not planned for this intersection because it does not meet the traffic warrant criteria set by Caltrans. This will remain a consideration in the future. 

StatusCompleted May 25, 2018 

Estimated Construction Start: February 15, 2018

Estimated Construction Completion: May 2018

Project Description:

  • Widening of Riverside Drive/Highway 74 at Gunnerson Street/Strickland Avenue. Westbound widening begins February 21.
  • Addition of two left turn pockets in a new striped median on Riverside Drive/ Highway 74.
  • Relocation of Southern California Edison streetlight poles near the intersection.  
  • Relocation of palm trees impacted by roadway widening.

Roadway Impacts:

  • Starting February 20, 2018, Gunnerson Street will be closed for 5 weeks at Riverside Drive/Highway 74. Upon completion of Westbound widening and once Gunnerson Street reopens, Strickland Avenue will be closed on the Eastbound side. Road closures and detours will only be for these cross streets, i.e. Gunnerson Street and Strickland Avenue. 
  • Traffic for Gunnerson Street and Strickland Ave will be detoured via Richard Street, Shrier Drive, and Illinois Street. See Detour Exhibits below. 
  • Except for night-time one-way traffic control, when needed, Highway 74 will remain open for two way traffic at all times. Night-time one-way traffic control will only be allowed between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. 

Location: Riverside Drive/Highway 74 and Gunnerson Street/Strickland Avenue

Gunnerson Interchange Aerial Photo

Project Contact: Engineering Department at (951) 674-3124.

Project Documents:

Project Exhibit Image

Detour Exhibit – Westbound Side – Gunnerson Street Closure

Detour Exhibit – Eastbound Side – Strickland Avenue Closure

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