CPUC Vote Delayed Again on SCE Projects

Vote Now Expected June 21, Comments Still Allowed

Post Date:05/31/2018


The City was notified late yesterday afternoon that Item 10 (Alberhill System/Valley Ivyglen Projects) on the agenda for the May 31ST CPUC voting meeting in San Francisco has once again been placed on “hold” until the June 21 voting meeting. This meeting will likely be held in San Francisco. The reason for the hold is “further review."

In the meantime, the CPUC could come out with an alternate decision, a modified proposed decision, or make no changes.

Citizens are still urged to comment on the project at the June 21st meeting. Comments can be emailed to and must include the project’s proceeding number, Application 07-01-031 et. al. Find out more at

Key concerns or considerations for CPUC comments include:

  • Transmission lines will have significant negative visual impacts to the City and affect future economic development and growth in our community. The City should not have to carry the burden of impacts for the entire region to meet energy needs. Concessions should be made to ensure project impacts are mitigated
  •  Support the Administrative Law Judge’s proposed decision to deny the Alberhill System Project.
    •  By eliminating the Alberhill System Project, new transmission lines and poles along Mission Trail and Casino will not be needed.
    • By eliminating Alberhill System Project, a new substation and huge 500 kv towers along a pristine hillside just north of the city will not be built.
    • The Office of Ratepayer Advocates along with others have shown this new substation is not needed.
  • The Administrative Law Judge’s proposed decision approving the Valley-Ivyglen Subtransmission Line project should have required undergrounding.
    •  Undergrounding in the Pasadena Business Park where utilities are already undergrounded should be required by the Commission.
    • Undergrounding on Baker, Nichols and Lake should also be required to preserve views.  Future undergrounding after these new lines are installed will be very expensive.

View Administrative Law Judge Yacknin’s Proposed Decision released on April 4, 2018.

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