Riverside County to Use New Voting System

Starting Nov. 5th, Voters will have more options when casting their votes

Post Date:11/07/2019

Last week, the Riverside County Registrar of Voters announced that starting November 5, 2019, Riverside County is implementing new voting systems that include new paper ballots, touch-screen tablets, ballot scanners, and signature verification machines. 

Voters planning to cast paper ballots by mail or in-person at a polling place, will now fill in ovals next to their selections rather than the traditional line (see below). Voters casting ballots at polling places will also have the option of using a new accessible touch-screen tablet. The new tablet allows the ballots to be available in different languages and the text size can be adjusted to suit voters' preferences. 

The New Way to Mark Your Ballot 

 New Way to Mark Your Ballot

The new voting equipment will be used as a permanent replacement for the county’s previous voting system that was decertified by the California Secretary of State earlier this year. 

Videos showing these new voter systems: 

New Vote-by-Mail Ballot:

New Accessible Touch-Screen Tablet Option:

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