SCE Webinar Planned Feb. 20 for Alberhill System Project

Webinar to discuss new findings and support for the project

Post Date:02/12/2020 11:17 AM

SCE has announced that they will be hosting a Webinar for the proposed Alberhill Systems Project

In August 2018, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) decided not to approve Southern California Edison’s (SCE) request to place hundreds of new power poles in the City of Lake Elsinore.

The CPUC determined that SCE fell short in its attempt to prove that 10 miles of new powerlines within the City, and a large substation with a dual row of 500 kV transmission towers just north of the City, will be necessary to assure reliable power in the Elsinore Valley.

The project, known as the Alberhill Substation Project, was slated to cost over $464 million with those costs being passed onto ratepayers. The full Commission’s decision largely followed the proposed decision of Administrative Law Judge Yacknin related to SCE’s Alberhill Substation and Valley-Ivyglen Projects.

With the decision, the CPUC ordered SCE to submit new evidence spanning nine separate categories, including evidence of the need for the Alberhill Project based on updated and more reliable electrical demand projections. Equally critical, CPUC President Michael Picker underscored the need for SCE to directly engage the community and address project impacts. 

Below is the Webinar Announcement from SCE: 

To Interested Parties of the Alberhill System Project Proceeding (A.09-09-022):

SCE will host a webinar to describe and discuss supplemental analysis prepared for the Alberhill System Project in response to Decision 18-08-026.  Specifically, SCE will present an overview of the following data items which were filed with the CPUC Energy Division in December 2019 and January 2020:

  • Item a – Load forecast including industry accepted methods for estimating load growth and incorporating load reduction programs due to energy efficiency, demand response, and behind-the-meter generation.
  • Item c – A planning study that supports the project nee and includes applicable planning criteria and reliability standards.
  • Item f – The forecasted impact of the proposed project on service reliability performance, using electric service reliability metrics where applicable.
  • Item g – Cost/benefit analysis of several alternatives for: enhancing reliability; providing additional capacity including evaluation of energy storage, distributed energy resources, demand response or smart grid solutions.  Note that SCE conducted a cost/benefit analysis on a total of twelve new alternatives some of which impact locations outside the Alberhill System Project area.
  • Item I – Detailed justification of the recommended solution as the best solution, including an explanation of how the proposed project ranks in the SCE capital investment portfolio of infrastructure upgrades.

SCE’s responses to these data items are posted on the CPUC’s Alberhill System Project webpage at under the heading “Data Requests and Responses.”  SCE previously submitted Items b, d, e and h to the CPUC in April 2019 and held a webinar at that time to discuss those findings.  

Webinar - Data Submittal Package 2:

  • Agenda:  SCE will share a presentation on the submitted data items and facilitate a question and answer session with participants.

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