JS Technologies, Inc./Suhr Guitars
Considered by many to make the finest guitars in the industry!

About the Business of the Quarter Award

The City Council honors local businesses
that add value to our community by:

  • Investing in the City
  • Caring for their customers
  • Caring for our community
  • Getting involved                                     

Congratulations to...JS Technologies/Suhr Guitars

John & Steve
Owners John Suhr (L) & Steve Smith (R)


John Suhr and Steve Smith founded JS Technologies, Inc. in 1997. Starting with a facility of 5,500 square feet and 5 employees, the company has grown to 27,000 square feet.  Today, with over 90 employees, they are looking to expand yet again.

Guitar Wall   

Suhr guitars are considered by many to be the finest in the world by the music industry and their loyal customers. Almost half of the guitars, amplifiers, and foot pedals produced by JS Technologies are sold around the world, prompting the County of Riverside to present the company with their 2013 "County of Riverside Export Award". In 2014 Melissa Melendez chose JS Technologies as the "Small Business of the Year" for the 67th Assembly District.

JS Technologies is focused on quality.   Their people are their greatest asset and their processes are of the highest quality.  “It’s all about the team and the people” says Larry Campbell, Director of Corporate Strategy.  They are committed to making their products in the United States and feel that US workers are the most highly qualified.

JS Technologies has built a reputation in the music industry for their attention to detail, fast delivery and excellent customer service. Every guitar and piece of equipment goes through many quality control checks before it leaves the factory.  Customer feedback is important to the company and new products and design choices are a direct result of what their customers say.  This approach is working well for the company, who broke every sales record in the company's history just this last quarter. 


With business booming the company is looking to expand to a facility up to 100,000 square feet and are expecting to hire more than fifty additional employees at that time.
Suhr Building 

When asked how they liked being in Lake Elsinore, Larry said “working with the City has been first and foremost, a partnership, second, a valuable resource, and third, they are just a great bunch of people”.

The City of Lake Elsinore is proud to be a partner with JS Technologies.   We thank them for being a part of this community, and for dreaming their "Dream Extreme" in Lake Elsinore.

Congratulations to JS Technologies, Inc. City of Lake Elsinore's "Business of the Quarter"!

The City of Lake Elsinore thanks John Suhr, Steve Smith and the staff at JS Technologies, Inc. for their commitment to making our community a better place.



Presented by the City Council on
Tuesday, February 10, 201

JS Technologies, Inc./Suhr Guitars
601 Crane Street
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
(951) 471-2334 

           Hours of Operation:
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