Patrol Support


Volunteer Opportunities

Patrol Support is a proposed CAT volunteer program area that is being developed by a subcommittee of the Public Safety Advisory Commission (PSAC), in cooperation with the Lake Elsinore Citizen Corps. If the City Council should decide to move forward with establishing a Citizens Patrol as part of the budget process later this year, a call for volunteers would be published to notify prospective volunteers.

 Patrol Support volunteer functions and programs

Patrol support takes many forms, using vehicles (e.g., personal or Citizens Patrol), bicycles and foot patrols. As shown in the diagram, patrol support services may include:

  • Business patrol
  • Event traffic control
  • Illegal sign removal
  • Neighborhood patrol
  • Shoreline patrol
  • Vacation home check

Citizens Patrol supervision would primarily fall under the Lake Elsinore Police Department, in partnership with Code Enforcement and the PSAC.

Since none of the CAT program areas-event support, services support, emergency support and patrol support-are meant to be mutually exclusive, volunteers may participate in more than one area.

For example, a sworn Citizen Corps volunteer may also participate in the Patrol Support area through Neighborhood Watch or Citizens Patrol programs, upon meeting training and supervision requirements.

The primary goal for the Patrol Support area is to use volunteer, City and LEPD resources effectively and safely.


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