Candidate Information


The City of Lake Elsinore elects five members at-large to serve on the City Council and one member for City Treasurer.  Council candidates are elected every two years filling either two seats or three seats.  City Treasurer candidates are elected every four years.  There are no limits on the amount of terms a person can serve in these positions.

Candidates for all positions must live in the boundaries of the City of Lake Elsinore, be at least 18 years old and a registered voter.

Once the Nomination Period is open, potential candidates must make an appointment with the City Clerk's department to pull nomination papers and obtain a candidates packet.  The Nomination Period is open for 30 days, in which a candidate needs to obtain the signatures and return all required paper including the nomination papers, to the City Clerk's department.  The City Clerk will verify the signatures and if all requirements are met, will qualify the filer as a candidate.  After the close of Nominations and the qualifying of candidates is complete, the City Clerk will post the announcement of Qualified Candidates.  (Please note that the nomination period is extended for an additional 10 days, if an incumbent fails to file)

Required Forms:

Form 501 - Candidate Intention Statement: the original must be filed with the City Clerk's department prior to raising any funds for a campaign.

Form 410 - Statement of Organization: the original must be filed with the Secretary of State and a copy with the City Clerk's department, once a candidate has spent or raised $2,000.  It may be filed in advance if the candidate is planning on spending or raising more than $2,000.

Form 470 - Officeholder/Candidate Campaign: the original must be filed with the City Clerk's department if a candidate does not plan on raising or spending $2,000 or more.

Form 460 - Consolidated Campaign Disclosure: the original must be filed with the City Clerk's department by 5:00 p.m. of the filing deadline, as determined on the elections calendar, and twice annually as long as the committee remains open.

Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interest: the original must be filed with the City Clerk's department, along with the nomination papers.

There are several other forms required by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) when certain criteria are met.  Please visit for information on all forms.

**These documents are public record and therefore, are releasable to any member of the public requesting them, in full form.  Forms 410, 460, 470 and 700 will be posted on the City's website as well, with minor redactions occurring**

Candidates must abide by all State election laws and contribution requirements.