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Form 700 Filings


Statement of Economic Interest, or more commonly known as the Form 700, are required to be filed by Public officials involved in making governmental decisions.  The forms are filed  upon assuming office, annually, and when leaving office. Combined with our local conflict of interest laws, reports are required from: City Council Members, Commissioners and Committee Members, City Manager, City Attorney, City Treasurer, Department Directors and other designated staff.  Filers are determined by the City's adopted Conflict of Interest Code, which is updated every two years, in even numbered years. 

2016 Filings

City Council       City Treasurer            Planning Commission   
 Daryl Hickman    Allen Baldwin    Adam Armit  
 Robert Magee        Tim Fleming - Leaving  
 Steve Manos        John Gray  
 Natasha Johnson        Shelly Jordan  
 Brian Tisdale        Lance Ray - Leaving  
         Myles Ross - Assuming  
         Michael Carroll - Assuming  
         Rendell Klaarenbeek - Assuming  


2015 Filings

City Council       City Treasurer               Planning Commission
Daryl Hickman Allen Baldwin Adam Armit
Robert Magee Tim Fleming
Steve Manos John Gray
Natasha Johnson Shelly Jordan
Brian Tisdale Lance Ray


If you wish to view older filings please submit a Public Records Request.