Records Management

The City Clerk is custodian of the City’s records and is responsible for administering the City’s records management system. Records management involves storage, retrieval, destruction, and responding to requests for public records. The City’s records are stored at City Hall, off-site at a records repository, and in digital form. All records are retained according to a records retention schedule, including certain records that are retained permanently.

Public Records

California law designates the vast majority of the City’s records be available for public disclosure. These laws also provide certain categories of records that are exempt from public disclosure, such as personnel records, records related to current litigation or current real estate negotiations, and such. California Government Code Section 6250, et.sq., Public Records Act, allows ten (10) days to respond to a request.

  • Records that are disclosed to the public may be viewed at City Hall at no charge.
  • The cost of copying records is charged to the requestor, based on the type of copy requested. If mailed, these costs are also paid by the requestor.
  • The City is not required by law to create a new record or list from an already existing request or provide public records exempt by express provisions of law from disclosure.        
  • Requests for public records are submitted on a Public Records Request Form or via e-mail.