FAQs for Hazardous Vegetation and Rubbish Abatement


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  • Why did I receive a notice for my vacant, unimproved property?

  • Usually I am notified much earlier in the year. Why am I just now receiving this notice?

  • I already cleared my property. Why am I still receiving this notice?

  • There is debris and garbage on my property, and I didn't put it there ' why am I responsible?

  • I no longer own the property, why was I sent this notice?

  • Can I request an extension?

  • Where can I find a weed abatement contractor?

  • Do I have the right to an appeal hearing?

  • What will happen if I do nothing to the property and don't request an appeal hearing?

  • How do I know if a plant species is native?

  • My neighbor has combustible vegetation within 100' of my house. Can I clear their property?

  • What roads are subject to the 10' clearance of combustible native habitat requirements on either side?

  • What does it mean to maintain horizontal clearance of vegetation alongside a roadway?

  • What roads are subject to the 13' 6" vertical clearance requirements and what is included in this requirement?

  • How do I cut vegetation on hillsides when it exists to prevent erosion?

  • Can I burn vegetation?

  • Can I pile cut vegetation on site?

  • What does it mean to remove limbs within 8' of the ground?

  • What if my trees are not over 8' tall do I have to trim them?