Blighted Properties

Substandard Property Maintenance 2Substandard Property Maintenance 1Blighted Properties occupied or abandoned, can cause a public nuisance in a neighborhood. They not only detract from the neighborhood visually, but adversely impact property values as well. Abandoned buildings must be secured to prevent trespassing and vandalism. Sometimes all that can be done to make these places safe is to tear them down. Issues such as peeling and chalky paint, broken fences, windows and walls, bad roofs, unfinished construction, are all violations of the code and dealt with by Code Enforcement and the Building & Safety Division. Some of these issues can affect the welfare and safety of the occupants and others. Property owners who fail to maintain their property can face substantial fines, including nuisance abatement action by the City to force removal of the nuisance. Such action can result in a lien against the property for all administrative and abatement cost. See Foreclosed Properties page for more details.

Stagnant Water

Stagnant PoolStagnant Water in swimming pools and spas can create a health and safety hazard, attractive nuisance as well as an unsightly appearance. Stagnant water can breed mosquitoes which can carry diseases. Code Enforcement works in conjunction with the Northwest Mosquito Abatement and Vector Control District to rid the City of these types of nuisances. To report a possible vector or mosquito issue, call the Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District at (951) 340-9792

Inoperable Vehicles

INOP CarsInoperable Vehicles add to the blight of neighborhoods. They can also create a hazard for small children who can get trapped in the trunk. They also provide a harboring place for rodents and insects. Inoperative, dismantled, wrecked or abandoned vehicles must be stored within an enclosed building or removed from the premises. The Code Enforcement Division offers FREE towing and disposal for anyone in the City willing to junk their "Clunker". No DMV paperwork is required. Contact the Code Enforcement Division for more details. 

Trash Accumulation

Trash AccumulationTrash Accumulation can cause a health and safety hazard and public nuisance. Accumulations of litter, debris, salvage materials, car parts, discarded household goods and appliances and anything else that is not appropriate for public view from your yard, is a violation of the Municipal Code and must be removed and properly disposed of. Items too large to fit in your refuse containers should be taken to the County landfill. The City's refuse disposal contractor (CR&R) allows for limited bulk item pick-up from the curb upon request. Contact the CR&R Operations Department at (800) 755-8112 for more information and to schedule a special pick-up.

Overgrown Vegetation

Overgrown VegetationEach year after the rains, vegetation can quickly grow out of control harboring rats, vermin and other nuisances. When not cut down, this not only is unsightly but can pose a fire hazard when it becomes dry. Sometimes the overgrowth of vegetation can impede the public's ability to use the streets and sidewalks. Low hanging branches from trees add to the lack of maintenance and may impede pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Keep grass and weeds cut to less than 2" in height and overhanging tree branches a minimum of 6' off the ground, 9' over any sidewalk and 12' over any street. Vacant lots with overgrown weeds are handled by the Public Works Department as part of the Weed Abatement Program. Contact the Public Works Department at (951) 674-3124 Ext. 245 for more information.