How often does the Planning Commission Meet?
The Planning Commission meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. Meetings are held in the Cultural Center at 183 N. Main Street in Lake Elsinore.

Where is my property line?
Only a licensed Land Surveyor or Registered Civil Engineer licensed to practice surveying in the State of California can precisely locate property lines. If the property line must be precisely located, such as for construction of a property line wall, then the property owner must hire a licensed professional Land Surveyor or Registered Civil Engineer as indicated above to perform a lot survey. Note: The does not provide this service.

What is the zoning of my property?
Zoning is the separation of a city into districts, or “zones,” that provide for the regulation of the intensity of development and allowable uses. If you know the location of your property, you may identify your zone by using the Zoning Map. You may also contact the public counter for zoning information at (951) 674-3124. Written confirmation of the zone can be requested and is subject to a processing fee.

How many units can I build on my property?
The maximum number of units allowed is determined by your property’s zoning and lot size. To determine the maximum density for your property please review the residential development standards found in the City of Lake Elsinore Zoning Code.

Is a permit required for permanent signs such as store front signs and temporary signs such as banners, balloons, and flags?
Yes, permanent signs require 3 sets of plans which are reviewed and approved over the counter along with a one time fee of $75.00. Temporary signs may be allowed for 30 consecutive days. Fees for temporary signs are $50.00 per occurrence (each 30 days).

Where can I find information about building a new addition?
In all residential zoning districts, new construction requires zoning approval, and you must submit plans for a plan check review for approval. Please refer to the Residential Development Standards for more detailed information related to development standards (e.g. setbacks, building height, lot coverage) and design guidelines. It is recommended that you sketch a scaled site plan of your proposed addition and discuss it with a planner at the public counter. No appointment or fee is required for this review.

What do I need to know before building a block wall or fence?
Height: The required height of all side and rear property line fences or walls shall be a minimum of six (6) feet. However, along a major arterial the Planning Commission, pursuant to design review approval, may require a minimum fence or wall height of eight (8) feet. In required front yards the maximum height of a fence or wall shall be thirty six (36) inches; with the exception that wrought iron fences may be five (5) feet in height.

Are Manufactured Homes allowed?
Yes, manufactured Homes are allowed subject to Planning Commission approval thru the Design Review Process. Manufactured Homes must be placed in permanent foundation and provide a minimum 2 car garage. Manufactured Homes are subject the same regulations as Single Family Homes.

Is Planning & Zoning Review and approval required for additions to my home?
Yes. The Planning Division reviews all additions. Additions of less than 600 square feet are reviewed and approved over the counter by Planners. Additions of more than 600 square feet require Administrative Design Review and approval by the Community Development Director.

Is a permit required for a parking lot or sidewalk sale, or any similar outdoor activity?
Yes, the Zoning Code regulates these types of activities via a "Temporary Use Permit". The event shall not attract more than 100 people at one time. Temporary Use Permits are allowed for 3 day events (Short-term), 3 to 30 days (Extended), and 30 to 120 days (Seasonal). Typical permits are parking lot sales, sidewalk sales, pumpkin and Christmas tree sales, etc.

Are the regulations different within the Historic Elsinore Downtown District?
Business Licenses and Sign Permits are processed different within the Historic Elsinore District. On Main Street, Business Licenses and Sign Permits are reviewed and approved by the Planning Division.

Can I have a business in my home?
The City of Lake Elsinore allows a variety of home businesses that is compatible with residential neighborhoods.  Please call (951) 674-3124 for detailed information.                        

What is a subdivision?
A subdivision is defined as the division of any improved or unimproved land for the purposed of sale, lease, or financing. A subdivision also includes the conversion of a structure to condominiums. The State Subdivision Map Act provides general regulations and procedures that local governments must follow in the regulation of subdivision. The City of Lake Elsinore has a subdivision Ordinance which provides specific guidelines and standards for the regulation of subdivision.