Mixed-Use Zoning Districts


Residential Mixed Use and Commercial Mixed Use

On December 13, 2011, the Lake Elsinore City Council approved an update to the City’s General Plan. The new General Plan designated certain land throughout the City for Residential Mixed Use (RMU) and Commercial Mixed Use (CMU) with the intent to provide development opportunities that combine both residential and retail or service uses. The mix of uses is intended to promote pedestrian-friendly, interactive communities, reduce reliance on vehicles, reduce traffic, emissions, energy consumption, and strive to provide quality of life for City residents.

On April 24, 2012, the City Council amended Title 17 – Zoning of the Lake Elsinore Municipal Code, adding the following RMU and CMU Zoning Districts.  These Zoning Districts provide development standards; a Table showing permitted, permitted with a Conditional Use Permit or Temporary Use Permit, or prohibited land uses; a Glossary / Definitions of terms; and Code References.

Chapter 17.86: RMU – Residential Mixed Use (PDF 154 KB)
Chapter 17.134: CMU – Commercial Mixed Use (PDF 151 KB)