Art, the catalyst for cultural and economic development in the historic downtown community of the City of Lake Elsinore. We aim for art to describe our history, engage and educate our community, complement our extreme vision for the City, and put a spot light on our culture. We have worked to become a destination for extreme entrepreneurial artists to gather and share their creativity with our local constituency. We seek to fill in the gaps, grow the number of local businesses, and highlight our shinning stars.


The City of Lake Elsinore will fulfill its Arts and Culture Mission Statement by crafting policy that will draw artistic activity to our downtown, support and promote public or private programming that furthers public artistic efforts, and incorporates art that honors our heritage wherever possible in citywide Capital Improvement Projects.


The City of Lake Elsinore will incorporate the arts into civic planning to honor and promote our unique heritage, enrich the lives of residents and visitors, as well as bolster economic activity within the city or region.


Whisker’s Fishing Beach Enclosure Installation

Whisker's Beach (Front)


“Elsinore Egrets” on Collier Avenue

Collier - Egrets


Main Street Mural

Main Street Mural