Healthy LE Collaborative


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Welcome to the Healthy LE Collaborative for local health related professionals.

Together we educate, provide programming, host events, develop policies, network, collaborate and make infrastructure improvements. The Collaborative is important because our professionals are the people encouraging others to make healthy choices. The City merely creates the environment in which these healthy decisions can be harvested. Together we are getting active, staying motivated, and being healthy!

 Our next meeting is TBD. If you have any questions, please contact the Community Services Department at (951) 674-3124 ext. 265 or emailing

Come out, get involved, and participate in the City's Bicycle and Trails Master Plan Update, General Plan Update, and Extreme 2040 Vision Strategic Plan. Comment on the Smoking in Public Areas Ordinance. Host a booth at an event or create your own event that Healthy LE will promote as part of the Healthy LE Business Program!

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