Shoreline Safety


In January 2005, the City Council commissioned a "Lake Elsinore Shoreline Safety Assessment" by an aquatic safety expert, Thomas Griffiths, Aquatic Safety Research Group.  As a result of this assessement, the City implemented a number of measures to increase public safety, as highlighted below. 

To communicate shoreline safety information, the City installed controlled access points at Elm Grove Beach to channel visitors past important safety signage.

The Shoreline Safety Sign identifies FIVE important safety messages.

  1. Danger, Sudden Drop offs (Hidden underwater hazards)
  2. Danger, No Diving (Beware of shallow water)
  3. Swimming is now permitted in designated areas only (La Laguna Beach and Elm Grove Beach)
  4. Warning, Watch You Children! (Keep small children within arms's reach)
  5. Caution, Alcohol is prohibited on all City beaches (Water and alcohol do not mix)

Shoreline Zone Identification system identifies shoreline location, with each location having its own assigned zone and permitted activity.  The Shoreline Zone Identification Poles are
tall poles placed at key locations around the Lake, with signs identifying zones (letter and number) and permitted activity symbols.  The Shoreline Zone Identification poles allow for a coordinated and timely response from local emergency services. 

Shoreline Zone ID signShoreline ID Pole v2 

Loaner Life Jacket Stations
provide "Use & Return" life jackets for young children
and nonswimmers when wading.

Loan Life Jacket Station

Life Ring Buoy Stations are attached to the Shoreline Identification poles on all City owned public beaches and levee system.  Life rings are for EMERGENCY USE ONLY

Life Ring Buoy Station (open)