Waterskiing, Wake Boarding, & Tubing

  • One observer is required onboard besides the operator and must be 12 years old or older while a boat is towing a skier.
  • A red signal flag must be displayed when a fallen skier or ski rope is in the water.
  • Starts and drop-offs shall be in deep water beyond the No Wake Zone.
  • Skiing within 100-feet of other vessels, skiers, or hazards is strictly prohibited.
  • Passing a tow line over another boat or skier or towing a skier within 100-feet of another boat skier, or downed skier is prohibited.
  • The number of water-skiers being towed by one boat at the same time is limited to two. (one inflatable allowed per boat)
  • When a skier falls, the boat operator should return in a safe manner as soon as possible in a tight counter-clockwise direction when practical to retrieve the fallen skier.
  • Loose skis must be retrieved immediately. Skiing in or around regulatory buoys is prohibited. 
  • It is unlawful for any person to employ a tow line greater than 75-feet in length.
  • Ski ropes must be retrieved immediately when skiing is discontinued.
  • Towing inflatables is now permitted (see below). 
  • The Inlet Channel is a restricted area and requires a special pass from the Concessionaire.

Lake Elsinore Towing Municipal Code (as of 5/1/17)

9.96.200 Towing persons and/or inflatable towables.

A. Vessels and personal water crafts shall only tow devices used to carry persons that are commercially manufactured and operated within the scope of the manufacturer’s intended use(s), unless authorization has been obtained from the City Manager, or are part of a special exhibition or event.

B. Inflatable towables intended to lift out of and fly above the water for extended periods of time are not permitted.

C. A vessel shall tow no more than one inflatable towable at a time and the occupancy of any inflatable towable shall not exceed the manufacturers recommended occupancy.

D. No person shall operate a vessel with a tow line exceeding 75 feet except in the high speed zone or an authorized special event.

E. Any time a person or persons are on the exterior of a vessel or personal water craft, a designated observer of age 12 or older shall clearly display an orange safety flag of at least 12 inches by 12 inches while person(s) are in the water. Life vests shall be worn by all persons being towed in the water.

F. Vessels shall not move contrary to or against the direction of established lake traffic patterns while towing persons and/or inflatable towables. [Ord. 1352 § 1, 2016].