Need a place to cool off from the dry and hot California summer? The City of Lake Elsinore will be operating their annual aquatics program this Summer at Lakeside High School. The summer swim season will run during the LEUSD summer vacation.

The Lakeside High School pool is located on the northwest side of the Lake at 32593 Riverside Drive, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530. We are excited to offer a full slate of activities this summer including the American Red Cross learn-to-swim program (group swim lessons), private swim lessons, adaptive swim lessons and public swim.

Interested in how to keep you kids safe at home? Watch THIS VIDEO from the Cal Fire Department and print THIS FLYER to keep handy around the house.

Lakeside High School - Public Swim Parking Map

Lakeside High School Pool Parking

2019 Swim Lesson Information

Swim Lesson Sessions

These classes meet four days a week for two weeks 
Residents - $45 Non-Residents - $55

PLEASE NOTE:Convenience fees will be charged on all credit/debit card payments. 


Registration Date

Start Date

End Date















 7/29  8/8

 *Please note, no class July 4

How do I Register... 

Swim lesson registrations are taken on a first come, first serve basis via online registration at SWIM LESSON REGISTRATION SITE or walk-in at the Lake Community Center located at 310 W. Graham Ave. 

              Residents: Online & walk-in registration begins at 8:00 am on the registration dates listed.

              Non-Residents: Online & walk-in registration begins at 8:00 am on the Saturday following the registration date.

Online registration is strongly recommended. Classes that are canceled for reasons outside the City’s control (weather, contaminations, etc.) will not be refunded. All classes are 25 minutes long and must have a minimum of three registrants.            

CLICK HERE to register

View Course Descriptions Below

   9:00am  9:30am 10:00am 10:30am 2:45pm 3:15pm


(infant & parent)

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 Adaptive    light blue fish        
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Private Swim Lessons-**Private lessons will expand in 2019. Check back here for more information released before May 2019**. Private lessons are offered on Fridays from 11:00am-11:25am for four consecutive weeks. Any level, ages 3 and older, may register for private lessons. The instructor and participant, or guardian, will discuss desired skills and custom tailor the lesson to the individual. Private lessons are $75 for four lessons. Family discount of 50% for each additional child. Skill level must be similar as this discount is applied to students that have the same/ shared instructor.


Adaptive Swim Lessons- These lessons are designed specifically for students that have trouble learning in a group environment due to physical and developmental challenges. Lessons will focus on water comfort and skills to become “water safe”. To participate in these lessons interested parents should download the application and additional materials HERE  Offered 2 days a week for four weeks (Tuesday and Thursday or Monday and Wednesday).

PLEASE NOTE: As of September 2nd, 2019, a 2.75% convenience fee will be charged on all credit/debit card payments. 

Swim Lesson Levels and Descriptions

Infant and Pre-school Aquatics Program (IPAP) – Ages 6 months to 3 years

Parent/adult accompaniment in the water is required. This program is designed to give parents information and techniques to help orient their child to the water and to supervise water activities in a safe manner. Skills taught will include water adjustment, bubble blowing, underwater exploration, front and back floats, and kicking. No diapers allowed, swim pants are preferred.

Level I (Water Exploration) Ages 3 years – 6 years

 Water Exploration will help children feel more comfortable and safe in the water. Course introduces swimming and water safety skills. Students must be able to listen and follow directions. Skills taught include water adjustment, bubble blowing, underwater exploration, front and back floats, glides with support, kicking and alternate arm strokes and age-appropriate safety topics. Students must be three (3) years old at start of class. Students six (6)years or older recommended to start in Level II.

Level II (Primary Skills) Ages 4 and older

 Primary Aquatic Skills marks the start of basic swimming skills. Designed for the child who has no fear of the water, but cannot yet swim independently. This course teaches participants elementary skills that enable the swimmer to move comfortably through the water and improve upon skills learned in Level I. The front crawl will be taught and the back crawl will be introduced. Students will also learn basic water safety rules and become familiar with ways to get help in a water emergency.

Level III (Stroke Development) Ages 4 and older

 Stroke Development marks the start of coordinating arms and legs in strokes, and of swimming distances of up to 15 yards, along with preliminary diving skills. Child must be comfortable in deep water and be able to swim five yards unassisted by the first day of class to enroll. This program is designed to give students success with the fundamental skills that they learned in the Level II course and to introduce new skills such as rhythmic breathing, elementary backstroke, and treading water.

Level IV (Stroke Improvement) Ages 5 and older

 Stroke Improvement develops child’s confidence in their skills. More strokes are introduced with distance of swims increased up to 25 yards. Child must be able to swim 15 yards unassisted by the first day of class to enroll. This program reinforces the skills learned in Level III.

All course instruction could be modified to accommodate skill level of class.

How can you help as a parent? 
You play an essential role in your child’s aquatic experience. Your enthusiasm and guidance can make your child’s swim lessons fun and rewarding. 
    -Support your child by praising his or her effort in the pool. 
    -Bring a healthy snack and drink for your child for after the lesson to replace fluids and energy. 
    -Understand that children develop swimming skills at different rates. Remember, many children need to repeat a level multiple times to complete all of the skills. 
    -Ask the instructor which skills your child should review, and then make practicing at home or the pool fun! 

How can you build on your child’s swimming experience? 
    -Give your child plenty of opportunities to develop strength, practice skills, and increase his or her comfort level in the water by taking them to a local or family pool. 
    -Stay interested in your child’s progress. Ask your child to show you a skill learned in swim lessons and incorporate the skill into a game to play in the pool. 

Remember: It is not important how quickly they move through a level, but that they acquire each skill. 

Please read the registration information and course descriptions carefully. Every effort should be made to enroll your child into the appropriate class based on their skill level. If enrollment is made into a class that is not at the child's ability, the Aquatic Office cannot guarantee that space in another class will be available.