The City Municipal Code provides for fees to be charged for services provided and as penalties for violation of City laws.  These fees are outlined below.

 Inspection outside of normal business hours.  Minimum charge = 4 hours  $120/hour
 Re-inspection fees assessed under provisions of LEMC Sec. 305(g)  $95/hour
 Inspection for which no fee is specifically indicated.  Minimum charge = 1/2 hour  $110/hour
 Dedication / Easement Plna Check Fee.  4 hour minimum  $110/hour
 Additional Plan Review, required by changes, additions or revisions to approved plans.  Minimum charge = 4 hours $110/hour
 Contract Traffic Engineer Special Event Review.  Minimum 30 minutes. $90/hour


  - Copying  $2.50 + $.25/page
  - Blueprints  $ .50 per sqft - $3.00 min.
  - Topo Maps  $45.00 per sheet
 Any application not covered by fees   Actual cost = 40%
 Records Research - No charge for the first 15 min.  $15.00 for each 15 min. thereafter
 Traffic Control inspection  City Engineer's Billing Rate
 Overtime Inspections (Holidays, Weekends, After Hours)  1.5 Approved Hourly Billing Rate


 If the work is started without first pulling a permit:  
  Valuation: $0 to $200.00  4 times normal fee
  Valuation: $200.00 or over  3 times feenormal