Downtown Elsinore Specific Plan


On September 25, 2018, the Lake Elsinore City Council approved the City -initiated the Downtown Elsinore Specific Plan.   The Downtown Elsinore Specific Plan (DESP) is a flexible development plan that replaced the previously approved 2011 Downtown Master Plan (2011 DMP). 

The DESP establishes a vision, land use plan and development standards that are intended to stimulate private sector investment in the downtown area; enhance connectivity from the downtown to the Lake; create a vibrant, livable, viable and sustainable environment in downtown; encourage the infill of vacant lots (especially corner lots) with quality mixed-use development consisting of a variety of residential, office/commercial, retail, cultural and civic uses; promote the inclusion of public buildings (such as a library, post office, and city hall) as economic magnets in the downtown; provide a variety of cultural and arts facilities and programs to draw citizens and visitors to the downtown; protect the character of historic buildings within the historic downtown; create walkable streets (with new sidewalks, curbs, streetscaping, and quality lighting); and provide adequate parking with easy access within downtown.  

Downtown Elsinore SP Cover - Draft 8-23-18 

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