ActiveLE is our campaign to get more residents traveling through our community by foot or bicycle. Specifying routes to places of employment, recreation, education, and destinations that meet your daily needs.

UPDATE- The City is requesting feedback on the Draft Active Transportation Plan. This public comment period is open through September 15, 2019. Download the DRAFT PLAN below to review and submit all comments to Thank you for your support and participation. 


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Grant Details:

The City of Lake Elsinore has been awarded one of the three Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grants in Riverside County through a highly competitive grant application process. We received a grant in the amount of $170,000 through Senate Bill 1 to prepare an Active Transportation Plan / Regional Commuter Based Access Plan (ATP). 

The ATP will prioritize bikeway and pedestrian improvements based on criteria such as regional and local connectivity, safe routes to school, ten minute neighborhoods, recreation uses and recommendations for smart infill growth with accompanying active transportation project improvements. The ATP will support the City’s extremely fast annual growth rate of 2% and will be vital for the establishment of a safe active transportation network in the existing and future development. In addition, the ATP will support the promotion of an active healthy lifestyle for the entire community through the Healthy LE initiative. The product will include the planning document with cost estimates, conceptual layout, implementation strategies, and potential funding sources. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the City of Lake Elsinore Community Services Department at 951-674-3124 ext. 265, email us at, or visit our website at:


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