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Did you know there are an estimated 47 million active birders in the United States? If you’re not familiar with birding, or Birdwatching, it is a form of wildlife observation in which the observation of birds is a recreational activity of citizen science. It can be done with the naked eye, through visual enhancement or by listening for bird sounds. Lake Elsinore plays host to over 250 species of birds, some of which are extremely rare. In fact, birding records in Lake Elsinore date back to 1896 and are regularly updated.

The most popular location to birdwatch is at our “Back Basin” along the Lake Elsinore Levee. The Levee begins at the Diamond Stadium and is an out and back trail (total length approximately seven miles).

Interested in birding but not sure where to begin? You can take advantage of this amazing birding location by participating in “Birdwalks”. Bird walks begin at the Levee Entrance, continuing to the “back basin”, and are hosted by local birding enthusiasts on a volunteer basis. The goal of the Birdwalks are to have fun and see as many different bird species as possible. Learn some basic bird identification, and learn which birds are seen in the varying habitats.

Birdwalks typically last two to three hours and involve walking at least one to two miles. There is limited to no shade on birdwalks. Dress in layers, wear sturdy closed toed shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and snacks and water. If you have binoculars, it is great idea to bring them as well as a camera to catch an image of all the bids you will see. Pets are not allowed on bird walks so please leave all dogs at home. Birding requires much patience, young children tire and bore easily, birdwatching may not be the best venue for them.

 Lake Elsinore Bird List V 48 - 01/2/2020

2019 Christmas Count

Birdwatching Opportunities:

The November 2019 Birdwalk has been set, Saturday, November 23rd from 8am - 11am. Birders will meet at the Levee entrance at Diamond Stadium and then make their way to the birding area. Please contact Julie below if you have any questions.

Birdwalks are planned for November 2019, February 2020 and April 2020.  Dates to be determined.   We will meet at 7:45 am at the Lake Elsinore levee entrance (Parking Lot B) at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium, on Pete Lehr Drive.   If interested contact Julie Szabo:

Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count.  Held the last Saturday of December (date to be confirmed 12/28/2019). This is an all-day event, wind, cold, rain or shine.   For advanced birders, capable of identifying bird species, counting and keeping tallies of the numbers of individual birds seen, and submitting findings to the count compiler.    Teams and individuals are assigned areas in the Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, and Wildomar areas.  Teams will also look and listen for Owls before dawn.    Contact for this event is Julie Szabo:

While you’re preparing for your birdwalk check out some of these helpful resources: