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Engineering Inspection

An Engineering Inspector is responsible for inspection during and after the construction of the improvements.  Areas of inspection include:

  • Inspection of on-site improvements and off-site improvements such as storm drains, curb, gutter, streets, traffic signals, parks, etc. 
  • Inspection of capital improvement projects, commercial developments, industrial, residential subdivisions, and multi-family developments.
  • Erosion control monitoring for compliance with NPDES and City regulations. 
  • Occupancy sign off.

For Engineering Inspection requests, please contact Scott Rippstein (951-538-9116) or Mike Payment (951-805-9835).  Please include your name, telephone number, permit number, location and type of inspection requested.  A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is typically required for scheduling.

NOTE: For Building Inspection, please contact the Building Division.

 Existing improvements are maintained by the Public Works Department