Each year after the rains, vegetation can quickly grow out of control. Tall weeds and overgrowth can harbor vermin and create other nuisances. Weeds and brush are not only unsightly, but also pose a significant safety hazard when they become dry fuel for fire to consume. In addition, overgrowth of vegetation can impede the public's ability to use the streets and sidewalks.

Therefore, the City’s Hazardous Vegetation and Rubbish Abatement Program requires property owners to alleviate potentially hazardous conditions and to maintain their property throughout the year.

The mission of the City of program is for the annual removal of combustible fuel such as weeds, brush, dead trees and rubbish from unimproved properties within the city limits including abatement of nuisances such as fill dirt and debris from illegal dumping, through the cooperation of affected property owners according to the Lake Elsinore Municipal Code, Chapter 8.18. 152.

This year, the City of Lake Elsinore completely revised its Hazardous Vegetation and Rubbish Abatement Program, more commonly known as Weed Abatement.  

The new program allows the City increased flexibility regarding the timing of the weed abatement season, particularly when there are late rains in March and April. In addition, several changes were made to ensure the program is effective and efficient, while also allowing property owners adequate notice to address their properties.

Key changes to the program include: transferring responsibility of the program from the Public Works Department to the Community Development Department to be overseen by the City’s Fire Marshal; subcontracting the inspection and clearing of properties to an outside contractor; streamlining the program by reducing the steps that require formal approval and/or adoption by the City Council; and establishing new procedures that include physical property inspections prior to noticing,  additional property documentation and more notices to property owners.

Overall, the new steps of the program are expected to: ensure greater due diligence by the City to notify property owners; encourage greater compliance by property owners to clear hazardous properties; and provide the City with the tools needed to adequately recover its costs for the program.

For questions, please contact the City at (951) 674-3124. If you wish to dispute a notice, you must submit a written appeal to the City’s Fire Marshal within 15 days of the date of this notice. The appeal shall state the reasons why this notice is incorrect. A hearing on the appeal shall be conducted pursuant to Lake Elsinore Municipal Code Section 8.18.040.