The 2019 Super Bloom is a natural phenomenon unlike anything the City has ever experienced and demonstrates the extreme beauty of the City of Lake Elsinore. We would like to thank residents and visitors for their patience as we faced substantial challenges related to this international attraction. Find out more at or call the Superbloom Hotline at 951-471-1238 or check the City's social media feeds.

Below are the steps of the City's new Hazardous Vegetation and Rubbish Abatement program:

STEP 1:  City Confirms Maps of Vacant, Unimproved Parcels in the City for Inspection

STEP 2:  1st Physical Inspection of All Vacant, Unimproved Parcels Conducted

  • Confirm need for abatement based on health, fire and/or safety hazard dependent on weather and predicted hazards

STEP 3:  Mail Initial 45-Day Notice to Property Owners

  • Sent through regular mail
  • Include Abatement Standards and Frequently Asked Questions document
  • Specify deadlines and penalties
  • Written appeals filed with the City Manager or designee; i.e. Fire Marshal
  • Nuisance Abatement Board shall hear and consider any requests for hearing

STEP 4:  After 45 Days, 2nd Inspection Conducted of All Vacant, Unimproved Parcels for Compliance

STEP 5:  Mail Certified 15-Day Notice for Parcels that Remain Out of Compliance

  • Final notice prior to clearing by weed abatement contractor
  • Final notice before a $350 administrative fee is assessed
  • Written appeals to the City Manager or designee must be made within 15 days
  • Nuisance Abatement Board shall hear and consider any requests for hearing

STEP 6:  After 15 days, 3rd Inspection of Non-Compliant Parcels

  • Case is Created & Clearing of Property by City Subcontractor is Scheduled
  • No additional notice is given to resident
  • Administrative fee is assessed if property is not cleared

STEP 7: Non-Compliant Parcels Cleared by Subcontractor

STEP 8:  Cost Recovery Bills Mailed to Property Owners for Clearing Property

  • Clearing fees are assessed based on a schedule of fees including the type of abatement (i.e. mowing, tree trimming, handwork, hauling fees)

STEP 9:  City Council Consideration and/or Approval of Proposed Delinquencies for Tax Roll

STEP 10: Delinquencies Given to County Recorder to Apply Special Assessments

For questions, please contact the City at (951) 674-3124. If you wish to dispute a notice, you must submit a written appeal to the City’s Fire Marshal within 15 days of the date of this notice. The appeal shall state the reasons why this notice is incorrect. A hearing on the appeal shall be conducted pursuant to Lake Elsinore Municipal Code Section 8.18.040.