Below are the steps of the City's new Hazardous Vegetation and Rubbish Abatement program:

STEP 1:  City Confirms Maps of Vacant, Unimproved Parcels in the City for Inspection

STEP 2:  1st Physical Inspection of All Vacant, Unimproved Parcels Conducted

  • Confirm need for abatement based on health, fire and/or safety hazard dependent on weather and predicted hazards

STEP 3:  Mail Initial 45-Day Notice to Property Owners

  • Sent through regular mail
  • Include Abatement Standards and Frequently Asked Questions document
  • Specify deadlines and penalties
  • Written appeals filed with the City Manager or designee; i.e. Fire Marshal
  • Nuisance Abatement Board shall hear and consider any requests for hearing

STEP 4:  After 45 Days, 2nd Inspection Conducted of All Vacant, Unimproved Parcels for Compliance

STEP 5:  Mail Certified 15-Day Notice for Parcels that Remain Out of Compliance

  • Final notice prior to clearing by weed abatement contractor
  • Final notice before a $350 administrative fee is assessed
  • Written appeals to the City Manager or designee must be made within 15 days
  • Nuisance Abatement Board shall hear and consider any requests for hearing

STEP 6:  After 15 days, 3rd Inspection of Non-Compliant Parcels

  • Case is Created & Clearing of Property by City Subcontractor is Scheduled
  • No additional notice is given to resident
  • Administrative fee is assessed if property is not cleared

STEP 7: Non-Compliant Parcels Cleared by Subcontractor

STEP 8:  Cost Recovery Bills Mailed to Property Owners for Clearing Property

  • Clearing fees are assessed based on a schedule of fees including the type of abatement (i.e. mowing, tree trimming, handwork, hauling fees)

STEP 9:  City Council Consideration and/or Approval of Proposed Delinquencies for Tax Roll

STEP 10: Delinquencies Given to County Recorder to Apply Special Assessments

For questions, please contact the City at (951) 674-3124. If you wish to dispute a notice, you must submit a written appeal to the City’s Fire Marshal within 15 days of the date of this notice. The appeal shall state the reasons why this notice is incorrect. A hearing on the appeal shall be conducted pursuant to Lake Elsinore Municipal Code Section 8.18.040.