The 2019 Superbloom is a natural phenomenon unlike anything the City has ever experienced and demonstrates the extreme beauty of the City of Lake Elsinore. We would like to thank residents and visitors for their patience as we faced substantial challenges related to this international attraction. At this time, the City is experiencing a high call volume. Walker Canyon is currently open, however parking is very limited. Lake Street and Nichols Road are also now open. For more information, call the Superbloom Hotline at 951-471-1238 or check the City's social media feeds.

The aim of Elsinore Valley Youth Court Divsion Program is to give juveniles a second chance to learn from their mistakes before their case is referred to the Juvenile Court System. This alleviates high costs for the Juvenile Courts.

What makes Youth Court appealing:

  • Serves as prevention and early intervention program.
  • Holds juvenile offenders accountable.
  • Educating youth on the legal and judicial system.
  • Provides a forum for youth to build competencies and enhance skills.
  • Build ties to their communities and Youth Empowerment.