The 2019 Super Bloom is coming to an end as the poppies have substantially diminished in the last couple of weeks, This Super Bloom has been unlike anything the City has ever experienced and demonstrated the extreme beauty of the City. We would like to thank our residents and visitors for their patience and understanding the last several weeks. Moving forward, the City will continue to monitor this area, but no additional measures are planned at this time. Walker Canyon Trail is still open. Shuttle services will no longer be offered. Find out more at or check the City's social media feeds.

Public Works Operations maintenance the following City owned facilities:

          City Hall - 130 S. Main Street                                                                         City Hall


Senior Center - 420 E. Lakeshore Drive                                                     Senior Center


Community Center - 310 W. Graham


Cultural Center - 183 N. Main Street                                                         Cult. ctn


Youth Opportunities Center - 400 West Graham Ave


Planet Youth Building -


Fire Station 85 - McVicker Canyon                                                           Fire Station #85 at McVicker Canyon

Fire Station 97 - Rosetta Canyon                                                             Lake Elsinore Fire