Riverside County’s Public Health Department has announced they will be establishing a Drive-up COVID-19 Testing Facility at Diamond Stadium. The facility will be run and managed by Riverside County. All testing will be done by appointment only and participants will be required to stay in their vehicles at all times. More information can be found on the City’s website. For questions or concerns related to coronavirus, please call 2-1-1. For city updates and actions related to COVID-19, visit

Public Works Operations maintenance the following City owned facilities:

          City Hall - 130 S. Main Street                                                                         City Hall


Senior Center - 420 E. Lakeshore Drive                                                     Senior Center


Community Center - 310 W. Graham


Cultural Center - 183 N. Main Street                                                         Cult. ctn


Youth Opportunities Center - 400 West Graham Ave


Planet Youth Building -


Fire Station 85 - McVicker Canyon                                                           Fire Station #85 at McVicker Canyon

Fire Station 97 - Rosetta Canyon                                                             Lake Elsinore Fire