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If the frequently asked questions listed below do not cover your particular issue, please call the Public Works Department on 951 674-5170.


  1. How do I report a pot hole?
  2. How do I report a street light that is not working?
  3. When are where is the House Hold Waste Collection?
  4. How do I report a clogged storm drain?
  5. How do I report a problem with traffic signal?
  6. Where is there a "Sharps Disposal" drop off?
  7. How do I report broken or damaged playground equipment?
  8. How do I report trash that has been left on the streets?
  9. How can I arrange for disposal of large items (like a refrigerator)?
  10. How do I reserve a picnic shelter at one of the city parks?
  11. Where are the dog parks located?
  12. How do I report graffiti?
  13. How do I report a broken sprinkler?