Trash & Recycling


For residents and businesses within City Limits

Trash and waste disposal services are provided by CR&R Waste Services under an exclusive franchise agreement with the City of Lake Elsinore.

Contact Information
For more information about starting or stopping waste disposal and trash collection services at your property, or for questions about your trash bill, please contact:

CR&R Disposal
Phone Toll Free 1-800-755-8112

Did you know?                    

Palm Fronds need to placed in the Black (Trash) barrel. They are not recycled and are NOT to be placed in the Gray/Blue or Green barrels.

What Not To Place In Your Recycling Bins

It is illegal to place Hazardous Waste in your recycling or solid waste containers. For further information regarding Hazardous Waste disposal, please go to the Riverside County Waste Management Department website at This website provides information on Hazardous Waste disposal and whether certain materials can be recycled if handled properly.

  • Hazardous Waste such as batteries, paint, antifreeze, chemicals and cleaning products should not be mixed in with your recyclable materials set out for collection. Instead, these Hazardous Wastes should be recycled or disposed of properly. You may dispose of these items at the City's Household Hazardous Waste Facility on the first Saturday.
  • Electronic devices such as old computers, monitors, TVs, and cell phones are recyclable but also contain hazardous materials. They should not be placed in recycling bins or in trash bins.

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