Filming Permit


City of Lake Elsinore is film friendly & provides filming permits at low cost! Lake Elsinore is an ideal backdrop for television, commercial, and film production due to its "Dream Extreme" lifestyle and climate for motion picture and television filming.


Film Policies

Do I need a Film Permit?

Unless you are filming in a licensed film studio, a valid Film Permit issued by the City of Lake Elsinore Community Services Department is required for all shoots on public and private property. Even if the location is a private residence or business, a Film Permit is required.

If the venue is outside of the City of Lake Elsinore city limits, a Riverside County permit is needed, rather than a City of Lake Elsinore Permit, please contact Riverside Filming Commission at

Applying for a Film Permit

Applications for a film permit must be filed with Melissa Houtz, Special Events Coordinator a minimum of seven (7) working days in advance of the date filming activity to begin. If such activity interferes with traffic or involves stunts, special effects, or is deemed extraordinary, an application must be submitted at least ten (10) working days in advance and sixteen (16) working days in advance for road closures.

Melissa Houtz
Special Events Coordinator & Filming Liaison
(951) 674-3124 EXT. 292.

DOWNLOAD:  Filming Application 

DOWNLOAD: Location Contract

If using drone, required waiver/authorization from FAA

DOWNLOAD: Drone Application


COVID-19 Filming Requirements:

DOWNLOAD: White Paper for Motion Picture, Television, and Streaming Productions

DOWNLOAD: Filming Conditions in accordance with Riverside County Health Office

Are there fees?

The City charges a $50.00 application fee once approved. 


$1 million liability insurance with clause to additionally insure the City of Lake Elsinore, its officials and representatives. Student productions must provide insurance from the school they attend.

Your Property In A Starring Role:

If you are a property owner in the City of Lake Elsinore and you would be interested in having your home or business featured in a commercial, television show or movie, you may register your property with our local library of film sites.

Location scouts searching for just the right site might choose your property from our registry and your house or business can have a starring role!

DOWNLOAD: Property Interest Packet


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