Online Video Library


Throughout the year, the City of Lake Elsinore captures many activities and events on video to share with our citizens and to promote our City. 

You can find dozens of these videos on the City's YouTube Channel at

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State of the City 2021 Presented by Mayor Robert "Bob" Magee - Bring It LE!

State of the City 2020 Presented by Mayor Brian Tisdale - Dream Extreme: Embracing the Bold

State of the City 2019 Presented by Mayor Steve Manos - LE at Work 

State of the City 2018 Presented by Mayor Natasha Johnson- Ready...Set...Launch LE!

State of the City 2017 Presented by Mayor Bob Magee - Get Out There LE

KTLA Chevy Promo - New Roads to Lake Elsinore

Angler Chronicles - Fox Sports West Promotions

State of the City 2016 Presented by Mayor Brian Tisdale 

Lake Elsinore Development Pipeline as of March 2017 

Looking for City Council Meetings? Meeting Videos can be viewed on the Live/On-Demand Council Video page.