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Our Motto

Public Works "Works for You"

Our Mission


"to provide a level of service to the community that is proactive and insures a safe and quality environment in the street right-of-way"

How To Contact Us

Location: 521 North Langstaff Street, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
*Phone Work Days: 951-674-5170
Phone After Hours and Weekends (800)-950-2444

What We Do

The City of Lake Elsinore’s Street Maintenance Division is part of the City's Public Works Department. The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, storm drains, traffic signals, street lights, alleys, dirt streets, street sweeping, graffiti removal, streetscapes, and street signs.

Several maintenance programs are in place and are overseen by the Division. These programs provide a systematic approach to providing the community a quality service level. Following is a brief description of each work maintenance program.

Standby Program

An employee standby program is in place to ensure that Public Works Staff are available for after hour emergencies. Employees rotate on call duty every week. An employee who is on call is provided a cell phone/ two-way radio unit that must be carried at all times. The employee is required to respond within a one hour window.

Pavement Management Program

The City has developed a systematic approach to pavement management and repair. The program referred to as the PMP (Pavement Management Program) provides staff with the following information: current pavement inventory, current pavement condition, a project listing of all pavement needing maintenance, and a forecast of budget needs for maintenance. Each year staff develops a pavement maintenance strategy based on data provided by the PMP. Staff updates the system annually by performing a pavement inspection and condition assessment. The City's goal is to provide a desirable level of pavement performance while optimizing the expenditure of limited fiscal resources.   

Street Signs

The Street Division installs and maintains approximately 3,000 traffic signs and street name signs. All new signs that are installed are covered with a special coating to allow for the cleaning of graffiti without smearing the original sign paint. Also, the sign shop recycles all of our old aluminum signs. Some signs are recovered, lettered, and used again, while damaged signs are sent to a recycling center for melt down.

Street Sweeping

The City of Lake Elsinore sweeps all residential streets twice each month. Major arterial streets and commercial areas are swept once each week. All entrances to residential housing tracts have been posted with no parking signs on the day of street sweeping. Our sign posting meets the posting requirements set forth in the California vehicle code.

Parking tickets are being issued to cars parked on streets of neighborhoods on street sweeping days identified on the no parking signs. Cars parked on the street will force the sweeper to miss some areas of the curb when the street is swept. The most desirable solution is to have residents know when their assigned day is for sweeping and avoid parking on the street on those days. Neighbors can help by observing posted temporary no parking days and working together to pass the information throughout the neighborhood by word of mouth.


There are a total of approximatly 2,106 streetlights in the City of Lake Elsinore. The Street Division is responsible for the maintenance of 272 of these streetlights. The remaining 1,834 lights are maintained by Southern California Edison. All streetlights in Lake Elsinore are High Pressure Sodium lights which emit a white light.


City staff performs quarterly streetlight inspections to identify lights that have burned out. This preventive maintenance process helps reduce the number of burned out lamps. Lights burned out that are owned by Southern California Edison are reported to SCE so that their repair crews can make the necessary repairs. All City owned streetlights are repaired by our contract electrician.

Storm Drains

The City of Lake Elsinore maintains a variety of storm drain structures, drainage pipes, concrete channels, and dirt drainage ditches. The street division is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the storm drain system. This includes repairing grates, clearing blocked drainpipes, and cleaning debris from the storm drain structures. Our goal is to limit the number of flooding incidents by keeping the drains clear with regular maintenance and cleaning.


Storm drains are not connected to the sewage treatment plant. Ultimately they all eventually drain to the lake. Therefor it is important that nothing is allowed to flow into the storm drain system but normal run off water.

Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalks

The purpose of the curb, gutter, and sidewalk repair program is to repair the city’s current inventory of curb, gutter, and sidewalks. The goal of the program is to eliminate hazardous conditions and minimize the possibility of injury to residents due to cracks and tripping hazards. The current sidewalk inventory totals approximatly 1,156,651 square feet. The total curb and gutter inventory totals approximatly 228,440 linear feet.

Dirt Street Dust Control Program

This program consists of grading, ripping, and compacting existing soil and furnishing and placing dust control agent such as magnesium chloride.

Road Shoulder Herbicide Application Program

Dirt road shoulders located within the City right-of-way require herbicide treatment to control vegetation. Four applications are applied consisting of two post-emergent applications to kill weeds that have germinated and two pre-emergent applications as a preventative measure to keep seed germination to a minimal.

Pavement Striping and Marking Program

The Street Striping and Marking Program consists of repainting existing crosswalks, legends, centerline and other striping and markings on asphalt pavement. Currently all striping and markings are painted once per year in the fall to ensure visibility during increment weather.

Slurry Seal Program

Slurry seal is a mixture of asphalt emulsion and fine aggregate applied to pavement as a preventive maintenance program. It delays weathering and cracking that will inevitably occur when asphalt is exposed to the elements. Slurry seal application helps to extend the life of asphalt pavements and helps to reduce the cost of maintaining those pavements over the long haul.

Crack Seal Program

Crack Sealing is a preventive maintenance program. The purpose of the crack seal program is to seal cracks in asphalt pavement to prevent the intrusion of water into the crack and ultimately into the base layer of the road causing road failure.

Emergency Response Training

With the help of the Riverside County Fire Office of Emergency Services all City Public Works staff receive emergency response training. Training includes SEMS/NIMS training. SEMS/NIMS is an acronym for Standard Emergency Management System and National Incident Management. SEMS/NIMS is a set of procedural guidelines developed by the State of California and US Government that are to be used during a disaster emergency.

Work Zone Safety Training

All Public Works Staff are trained and certified by the Traffic Safety Association in work zone safety. It is important to us that our staff has a safe work environment.

Equipment Operation Training

An extensive training program is in place to ensure that all Public Works employees are properly trained and licensed to safely operate all of our heavy duty equipment. Management ensures that staff is properly licensed and that Class A license endorsements are kept current.

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