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Weed Abatement

Please do your part before a potential fire & safety hazard gets out of control

Overgrown Vegetation

Each year after the rains, vegetation can quickly grow out of control. Tall weeds and overgrowth can also harbor vermin and other nuisances.

A Fire and Safety Hazard

Weeds and brush are not only unsightly, but pose a hazard when they become dry fuel for fire to consume.

Overgrowth of vegetation can impede the public's ability to use the streets and sidewalks. Low hanging branches from trees due to lack of maintenance may impede pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

What You Can Do to Help

  • Cut grass and weeds to less than 2" in height.
  • Trim overhanging tree branches a minimum of 8' off the ground, 8' over any sidewalk and 12' over any street.
  • Weed Abatement Notices are sent annually to affected property owners each February, so please do your part to clear and remove overgrown vegetation by the May 1st deadline.


City Tractor performing weed abatement

Vacant lots with overgrown weeds that are not cleared by a property owner will be cleared by the Public Works Department and billed to the owner as part of the City's Weed Abatement Program. Contact the Engineering Division at (951) 674-3124 extension 245 or email for more information.


Last updated: 9/1/2011 8:56:37 AM