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Lake Elsinore Skate Parks

Serving Skateboarding, Scooter and BMX enthusiasts

IMPORTANT- Please be aware of the recent change in the Lake Elsinore Municipal Code which requires all participants to wear the following safety equipment; helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the rule. You can read the full Municipal Code HERE.

Skate Zone at Serenity Park- NOW OPEN

GRAND OPENING CEREMONY - 7.24.15 5:00pm-7:00pm

skate park opening

Have you been out to the newest skate spot in Lake Elsinore? If not head to the Skate Zone at Serenity Park on Friday July 24, 2015 for an event with pro riders, food, FREE giveaways, live music and MORE!

Riders include:

    Fabrizo Santos; Raymond Warner, Ryan Gould and MORE!

Giveaways include:

    Signature skate board decks and shirts from Fabrizo Santos

    Skate board deck and helmets from the park designer, Spohn Ranch

    Over 500 Tech Deck's from the Sheckler Foundation 

    TWO $25 gift Cards from the Outlets at Lake Elsinore

Live Entertainment by SV Productions - Featuring:

    Stephen Vp & B Dean 

SV Productions


The newest skate park in Lake Elsinore is the Skate Zone at Serenity Park. The west end of the skate park is anchored by a fun bowl complete with 4’ mini-ramp section, rounded hips and a 6’ circular deep end for carving. Flowing eastward, the skatepark features street-inspired terrain addressing the full spectrum of skill levels.

The Park is open from 6:30am- Sunset every day and is FREE to skate. All rules must be followed at all time.

Respect the Park... Keep it Clean!

Skate Zone at Serenity Park

19685 Palomar Rd

Lake Elsinore, CA 92530





McVicker Canyon Skate Park

29355 Grand Avenue
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530


Current Hours of Operation For Supervised Sessions

CLOSED to the public during maintenance, bad weather, private rentals. 

 Day  Session I     Session II  Session III
 Mon 3-5 Scooter & Skate 5-7 BMX
 Tues 3-5 BMX 5-7 Skate & Scooter
 Wed 3-5 Scooter & Skate 5-7 BMX
 Thu 3-5  Skate 5-7  Scooter  7-9  BMX 
 Fri 3-5  Scooter 5-7  BMX  7-9  Skate
 Sat 3-5  Skate 5-7  Scooter  7-9  BMX 
 Sun 3-5 BMX

5-7 Skate & Scooter


 Days & hours of operation are subject to change without notice. This park offers supervised sessions seven days a week. Participants must follow all basic safety rules and wear posted safety equipment.  In addition, participants shall dress and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. 

Skaters, Scooters and BMX riders will appreciate the extreme ramps, boxes and rails of this park, designed for all levels. We reserve the right to limit the number of participants to avoid overcrowding and ensure the safety of all. Sessions alternate between user types. Riders must be at least 6 years of age and those under the age of 10 years must have a parent or guardian present when participating.

Participants must have their own safety gear and have a signed liability waiver on file. MEMBERSHIP ID CARDS are now being issued free and all park users must show their Membership ID Card to gain entry to the park. No Card, No Entry. This rule will apply to all skate park users, even if the skate park user is known to staff. Cards will be issued free, but replacement cards will be $5 each. Cards may not be transferred or used by others.

Lake Elsinore residents are always free and non Lake Elsinore residents pay $5 a day to use the park; ask for information on discount use cards. Payment by exact cash or check only.  

This facility is now available for private parties. For information on fees and requirements, please visit the reservation page HERE.

McVicker Canyon Park, Skate Park and Dog Play Area   

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