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City Home Improvement Program (CHIP)


At this time, no funding is available for this program. To be added to an interest list, please email your name and contact information to

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To qualify, your home must be within the City of Lake Elsinore's boundary. View this map to see if your home is within the shaded areas.  

Program Overview

The City of Lake Elsinore is “CHIPping” in to encourage neighborhood beautification by offering home improvement grants to qualifying low and very low income homeowners. Lake Elsinore’s City Home Improvement Program (CHIP) is designed to preserve the City’s supply of decent, safe and sanitary affordable housing and to improve residential neighborhoods by assisting homeowners with funding for exterior repairs to single family homes located within the City. To qualify for a CHIP Grant, both the homeowner and the property must satisfy specific eligibility criteria.

Eligible Homeowners

  • Title - CHIP is only available to homeowners holding fee title to eligible properties.
  • Owner - Occupied CHIP homeowners must currently occupy and intend to continue to occupy the property as their principal residence.
  • Income Eligibility -  CHIP Grants are available only to homeowners whose gross household income does not exceed the qualifying limits for lower income families in Riverside County as published annually by the State Department of Housing and Community Development. All persons living in the home are considered household members for purposes of determining income eligibility. For 2013, gross household income cannot exceed the following:

2013 Income Limits 

 Household Size

     Maximum Gross Income

















  • Capacity - CHIP homeowners must be at least 18 years old and must have the capacity to enter into binding contracts.
  • No Conflicts - No member of the City Council and no City employee, official, or consultant who exercises any policy or decision-making function in connection with the CHIP is eligible to receive a CHIP Grant.

Eligible Properties

  • Location - CHIP Grants are available to properties located in the City of Lake Elsinore.
  • Single - Family Residence CHIP Grants are available only to single family detached residential properties.
  • Condition - The property must be in need of eligible exterior repairs to improve both the home and the “curb appeal” of the neighborhood, including repairs to:
    • correct existing nonconforming local and/or state code requirements,
    • correct existing local and/or state code violations,
    • correct existing nonconforming development standards,
    • protect structural integrity of the property,
    • promote neighborhood safety and beautification,
    • refurbish deteriorating exterior conditions, and/or
    • aid in the mobility of the physically disabled and/or the elderly.
    • No interior inspection will be conducted. Properties with pending code enforcement action(s) for Municipal Code and/or public nuisance violations related to interior improvements or use of the property shall not be eligible for CHIP Grants.
  • Insurance - The property must be insured with an all-risk property insurance policy equal to the replacement value of the home.
  • No Tax Delinquency, Liens or Foreclosure Proceedings - Property title must be free of mechanic’s liens or tax liens. Property taxes and assessments must be paid current and no notice of default or commencement of foreclosure proceedings are recorded against the property by a secured lender.
  • No Criminal or Public Nuisance Activity - Properties that have been the site of repeated or ongoing drug-related arrests or other criminal or public nuisance activity as evidenced by police or code enforcement records/reports will not be eligible for CHIP Grants unless and until the property owner demonstrates that such activities have been fully abated.

CHIP Grants  

  • Grant Amount - CHIP Grants of up to Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) are available to eligible homeowners to make eligible exterior improvements.
  • Number of Grants - Eligible properties may not receive more than one CHIP Grant.
  • Additional Costs - CHIP Grants can be offered as a standalone grant or combined with the homeowner’s own funds or other grant or loan proceeds to pay for eligible improvements.
  • Repayment - No repayment is required so long as the participating homeowner complies with the terms and conditions of the CHIP Grant Agreement. Repayment will be required if any of the following occur within five years of the date of the CHIP Grant: 1) homeowner fails to occupy the property as his/her principal residence; 2) homeowner fails to maintain the property in good repair and free of any code violations, public nuisance or criminal activity, or 3) any other violation of the CHIP terms and conditions or discovery of fraud or deceit in the application process. In the event of hardship such as illness, death, loss of employment or relocation of employment, requiring that the homeowner no longer occupy the property as his or her principal residence, the repayment of the CHIP Grant may be made in installments.

Eligible Improvements

CHIP eligible improvements must repair, replace or preserve and protect the structural integrity or appearance of existing improvements. Strictly cosmetic additions do not qualify for CHIP funding. CHIP eligible improvements include the following:

  • roof repair or replacement,
  • exterior siding,
  • exterior painting, stucco
  • exterior access improvements and special safety features to aid the mobility of the physically disabled and/or the elderly,
  • other exterior repairs designed to preserve and protect eligible single family structures such as work required to (i) correct health and safety hazards, (ii) repair damaged exterior surfaces, broken glass, damaged windows or window screens, uneven pavement, damaged block walls and wood fences, or (iii) similar minor repair as deemed necessary or appropriate by the CHIP Administrator, or his/her designee.
  • Fumigation and treatment of termites and pest control.

In order to be eligible for a CHIP Grant, proposed improvements must be approved by the CHIP Administrator, or his/her designee, following a property inspection and Work Write-Up. All improvement work must be completed by qualified, licensed, and insured contractors.

Lead-Based Paint and Asbestos

Lead-Based Paint Participating properties that were built prior to January 1, 1978 must be inspected for lead-based paint, except:

  • Property that has been found free of lead-based paint by a certified lead-based paint inspector. A copy of the lead hazard evaluation report must be submitted to the City; 
  • Property where all lead-based paint has been removed. A copy of the lead-based paint clearance report must be submitted to the City; or
  • No painted surface will be disturbed during the improvements funded with the CHIP Grant.

Asbestos Participating properties that were built prior to January 1, 1980 must be inspected for asbestos, except:

  • Property that has been found free of asbestos by a certified asbestos professional and licensed asbestos laboratory. A copy of the asbestos evaluation report must be submitted to the City;
  • Property where all asbestos has been removed. A copy of the asbestos clearance report must be submitted to the City; or
  • No asbestos containing materials will be disturbed during the improvements funded with the CHIP Grant.

Eligible Costs

CHIP Grants may be used only for the actual reasonable costs of the materials and labor necessary to complete the improvement work approved by the CHIP Administrator and set forth in the Work Write-Up. If required, lead-based paint and/or asbestos inspections and abatement can be paid for from the CHIP Grant.

Participation Priorities

The City will fund all CHIP Grants on a first-come, first served basis. All CHIP applications will be date stamped and processed in that order. Incomplete applications will be suspended until all requested information is submitted. CHIP Grants will be denied to any homeowner who submits false information. If false information is discovered after a CHIP Grant is funded, the participating homeowner must immediately repay the CHIP Grant.

Terms and Conditions

  • CHIP Documents - Participating homeowners receiving CHIP assistance must sign a Grant Agreement and related CHIP documents, which set forth the terms and conditions of the CHIP Grant. Homeowners must also enter into an Improvement Agreement with the contractor or contractors completing the improvements.
  • Maintenance Requirements - CHIP participants must maintain their properties in good repair and in a decent, safe, and sanitary condition consistent with community standards. Homeowners shall not permit CHIP property improvements to suffer deterioration or decline, or maintain, cause to be maintained, or permit to be maintained any public or private nuisance on or about the property.
  • No Criminal Activity/Nuisance - CHIP participants shall not permit public nuisance or criminal activities to occur on the property.
  • Nondiscrimination - There shall be no discrimination against or segregation of any person or group of persons, on account of race, color, creed, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, or ancestry, in the selection of contractors to complete the improvement work financed with CHIP Grants, or in the sale, transfer, use, occupancy, tenure, or enjoyment of assisted properties.
  • Records - CHIP participants shall keep such records as may be required with respect to the improvement work financed with CHIP Grants, including work orders, invoices, and receipts.
  • Compliance - With CHIP Guidelines Homeowners must comply with all CHIP guidelines and procedures.


City Hall Hours
Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

If you have questions please call Nicole Dailey, the Lake Elsinore CHIP Administrator at (951) 674-3124, ext. 314 or by email at CHIP

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