The COVID-19 situation is changing regularly. The City is fully engaged and we are making critical decisions based on the guidance of County, State and Federal Public Health Officials to best protect the health and safety of our community. City Hall is currently closed to the public. However, we continue to provide all of the essential services our community counts on. For the latest updates, event cancellations, and closures, visit our web page. Please stay informed, follow public health orders, and do whatever you can to stay home so we can get through this, together, and start our recovery. Thank you for your support during this during this rapidly evolving, unprecedented time.

During this rapidly evolving environment, the health and safety of our residents remains our highest priority.    

We must work together to ensure our community is prepared for any future public health or catastrophic emergency including having adequate, effective public safety, paramedic, fire and 911 emergency response services.

Now, it is more important than ever that we hear from you about your priorities for our local quality of life, relief and recovery efforts. Please take a moment to give your feedback on the future of Lake Elsinore and complete the survey below or at

We’ve gotten through so much together here in Lake Elsinore from floods, fires and super blooms and we will get through this too.