Land Development

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Land Development 

Land Development Engineering processes private development projects from project inception through construction completion at the City of Lake Elsinore. Land Development Engineering reviews entitlements, engineering design plans, technical studies, mapping, and more. Development staff provides permitting services for encroachments, grading, and construction inspection for private development projects.

Engineering staff is available at the counter to provide the public with assistance and respond to inquiries.


Development Engineering goals are to minimize and account for the possible impact of new development on existing City facilities and oversee the installation of public works infrastructure by the development community. Ensure that developers build to the standards outlined in the Subdivision Map Act, Municipal Code, and adopted City Standards.

After your project has been entitled by the City Council, Development Engineering plan checks for technical engineering and code conformance. Development Engineering performs a variety of plan checks including:

  • Grading Plans
  • Public Improvement Plans
  • Storm Drain Plans
  • Tract and Parcel Maps
  • Lot Line Adjustments, Parcel Mergers
  • Easements and Street Dedications
  • Water Quality Management Plans (WQMP)

The plan review process allows the City of Lake Elsinore to review development plans to ensure that all technical aspects of submitted applications meet all standards and requirements. All plan reviews are now done electronically and can be submitted to the Citizen Self-Service Portal.

Development Engineering issues permits for grading, improvements, and encroachments for all development projects within the City of Lake Elsinore.

As a general overview, the primary requirement for your project to start the development engineering permitting process is to receive entitlement approval through the Planning Division. Once entitled, the project must submit project plans with the required submittal documentation through the Citizen Self-Service Portal and pay all associated fees. The plans are then checked for code requirements, standard requirements, technical engineering, and completeness. Once the plans are approved and all applicable fees and bonds are posted, a permit is provided to the developer.

Before construction, a field meeting with a City Inspector is conducted for any improvement or grading work. Engineering Inspectors will inspect during construction and after completion of the grading or improvements. At construction completion, a final review of the project for conformance to plans and City Standards is performed. If all construction conforms to the design plans and city standards, the project is signed off for occupancy.

For Engineering Inspection requests, please contact Scott Rippstein 951-538-9116 or Mike Payment 951-805-9835. Please include your name, telephone number, permit number, location and type of inspection requested. A minimum of 48 hours' notice is typically required for scheduling.

Please note: For building inspection, please contact the Building Division. Existing improvements are maintained by the Public Works Department.

All projects that plan to haul 2500 cubic yards of earth material is required to submit for haul route approval. All haul routes shall conform to Lake Elsinore Municipal Code Chapter 15.72.065 Hauling of Earth Materials. Applicable forms can be found on the applications and forms page.

For all Development Standards and Guidance related documents, please see the Standard Drawings page.

For all applications, forms, fees, and general documents regarding Land Development, please see the applications and forms page.