FPPC Filings & Reports

The City Clerk serves as the local filing officer for the California Fair Political Practices Commission. These reports include: Statements of Economic Interest (700), Candidate Intention Statement (501), Campaign Disclosure Reports (460), Behested Payments (803), Ceremonial Role Events and Distribution of Tickets (802), New Positions (804), Consultants (805) and Public Official Appointments (806).

Campaign Disclosure Statements

Required of candidates, City Council members, political action committees, and individuals spending or receiving $2,000 or more to support or oppose candidates and/or measures.

All forms are available through the California Fair Political Practices Commission. Most forms may be completed online and printed out for signatures and filing.

The City Clerk can assist with general guidelines concerning reportable interests, revenues, or expenditures. Detailed situation-specific questions must be answered by the Fair Political Practices Commission. Please contact them toll-free at 866-275-3772 or via their website.

Current Filings