Code Enforcement

Mission Statement

The Code Enforcement Division is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the City of Lake Elsinore through public awareness, education, and fair and impartial enforcement of City and State Codes. Our dedicated, enthusiastic, professionally trained officers are committed to serving our community.


The City is divided into three Patrol Sectors. Each Code Enforcement Officer is assigned to a specific Patrol Sector. This allows them to become familiar with the trends of the neighborhood and its enforcement needs. This map (897 KB) shows the three Patrol Sectors within the city.

  • Code Enforcement Manager - F. Lopez
  • Patrol Sector 1 - Supervisor D. Burnett
  • Patrol Sector 2 - Officer A. Leytte
  • Patrol Sector 3 - Officer E Castellanos
  • Graffiti Tech - E Salas
Code Enforcement Patrol Sectors