Vector Control Services

Take advantage of these free services to City residents

Vector Control Services Available to the Public

Protection from disease-spreading insects and rodents is the primary job of vector control. Vectors are insects or animals that carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans, such as:

  • Mosquitoes, a vector for West Nile and other disease-causing viruses
  • Ticks, a vector for Lime disease
  • Rodents, a vector for rabies and other diseases that affect mammals

Your Local Vector Control Authority

Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District GraphicNorthwest Mosquito and Vector Control District logo The Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District was formed on December 28, 1959 to control mosquitoes in the northwest portion of Riverside County. Today, the District provides all vector control services (mosquito, flies, rats, Africanized honeybees, black flies, midges and occasionally other vectors of minor public health importance) over an area of 230 square miles with a population of approximately 400,000. Services are free and may be requested simply by calling the District to report a vector control problem location.

Free Vector Control Services Provided

Vector control personnel will perform chemical spraying and other services to eliminate vector problems reported by the public. There is no charge for these public services.

Vector Control Problems to Report

  • A neglected swimming pool or spa is a common breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Beehives or swarms (Africanized bees are particularly aggressive)
  • Standing water from poor drainage can also become a vector nuisance
  • Rat infestation or other rodent types, such as bats, which may carry rabies

In the examples above, it is up to the public to notify vector control about the location and type of vector control issue. Please help prevent vector control problems by calling 951-340-9792.


Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District
1966 Compton Avenue
Corona, CA 92881

Report from the 5th International Congress of Vector Ecology (PDF).
by Thomas Buckley, Secretary, Northwest Mosquito Vector Control District, and Lake Elsinore City Council member.