Bow Fishing

Shoreline Zone Identification MapLake Elsinore Municipal Code: Section 8.44.055 Bow Fishing:

  • Bow fishing is defined as tackle that must have the arrow's shaft or the point, or both, securely attached by a line to the bow or to a fishing reel (includes crossbow).
  • Bow fishing is permitted by vessel upon the surface waters of Lake Elsinore, except within wading areas, marinas and boating channels.
  • Bow fishing by persons walking and/or wading along the shoreline is permitted only upon that portion of the Levee System between Shoreline Zone Identification sig, SS2 to Rome Hill (see Shoreline Zone Identification map on the map).
  • Bow fishing is restricted to fishing for Carp only.
  • Bow fishing is prohibited within 100 feet of any person outside the vessel of the person bow fishing or adjacent to the person bow fishing by shoreline.
  • Children 15 years of age or younger are required to be accompanied by an adult in order to bow fish.
  • All fish taken by bow fishing shall be removed from Lake Elsinore and disposed of in a proper manner. Disposal of Carp into Lake Elsinore, upon the shoreline of Lake Elsinore or in public trashcans is prohibited.
  • The provisions in this Section 8.44.055 are subject to waiver by the City for bow fishing events as may be determined by the City Manager, subject to such events being authorized pursuant to a special event permit as provided in Chapter 5.108.

LEMC Sec. 1.16.010 Penalty (Summary of Fines):

  • First Violation: $100
  • Second Violation: $200
  • Each Additional Violation: $500

Please noteAs of September 2nd, 2019, a 2.75% convenience fee will be charged on all credit/debit card payments.

View the Bow Fishing Regulations (PDF).