Crime Prevention for Businesses


Crimes that involve burglary, robbery, vandalism, shoplifting, employee theft, and fraud can be expensive and difficult to recuperate for local businesses. Crime can be particularly devastating to small businesses who can lose both customers and employees.

Preventing crime is a community-wide effort that requires a partnership between businesses, residents, and law enforcement. This partnership includes businesses taking an active role by investing their time and money in protecting their business and preventing crime. This includes installing adequate alarm systems, using video surveillance, and hiring private security to patrol and move criminals along and off their premises.

Several proactive programs have been established by the Lake Elsinore Police Department, the City of Lake Elsinore, and Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce to assist businesses in improving their overall security and designing their physical spaces to reduce crime risk.

Crimes against businesses are usually crimes of opportunity. Failure to take good security precautions invites crime into your business. Below are some of the recommendations and programs offered.

A property's appearance is an important aspect of running a successful business. Rundown, neglected businesses and buildings attract criminals, so make sure that your building, landscaping, sidewalks and parking areas are all clean and well-maintained. The appearance you have is the clientele you attract.

Do not keep old, damaged displays, posters or signage that are no longer useful to your business' success. Be sure to promptly repair and clean up any other unsightly maintenance issues such as graffiti, stickers, broken windows, damaged equipment, etc. Make sure exterior employee break areas are clean and out of site from main entrances, if they are visible from main entrance, consider them to be non-smoking areas. Maintain a clean parking lot by regularly collecting shopping carts, picking up litter and debris and taking care of landscaped areas.