Resources for the Homeless

The City of Lake Elsinore maintains a list of resources available for those in need who are seeking to end their homelessness and/or to prevent homelessness. See some known available resources that are eager to help. The documents and links on this page may also prove helpful.

Organizations and/or individuals who have the heart to serve and provide assistance will be invited to join a Community Collaborative. This collaboration began in late 2017 to develop a network of resources to end homelessness for those who want help.

If you serve or know of any organizations that serve those in need in our community and would like to be included in our resource list, please take our survey and email the City.

If you are seeking help and looking for someone to give you a hand up and out of homelessness, please complete the following form, call 833-792-4674, ext. 701, and/or view a list of shelters (PDF) for displaced individuals and families that may be able to help you.

Request for Help to End Homelessness

  1. If you are homeless and looking for ways to help you end homelessness, please complete this form and someone from the City's homeless task force will contact you to help. 

  2. Are you currently homeless on the streets in the City of Lake Elsinore?
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  4. Barriers Preventing You from Ending Homelessness
  5. Thank you for taking the first step. We are eager to try to find the right partner who can help you address your needs and find a permanent place to call home. 

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