Dream Extreme Brand

Forward-looking brand emphasizes City's limitless potential


Dream Extreme graphicIn partnership with The Bloomfield Group, Inc., based in Mission Viejo, California, the City developed its own unique logo and slogan, Dream Extreme, to position the City's identity as forward-looking and timeless.

Themed marketing ads use the brand to promote opportunities for businesses, developers (PDF), residents, and visitors (PDF).

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Dream Extreme LicenseThe City's identity logo and slogan were officially adopted in April 2006. A community involvement process in partnership with the Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce and the branding consultant was used for logo and slogan development and validation.

Elm Grove Beach Dream Extreme Corvette

"The 'Dream Extreme' brand has exceeded expectations, as shown by community acceptance and endorsements from the business and development community."

Historic logo elements

Historic and physical attributes of the City's logo include:

  • The Lake
  • Ortega Mountains
  • Historic Street Lamps
  • "E" from Ortega Mountains

The City's guidelines for logo and slogan usage are defined in the City Identity Standards Guide, available on the News Rack page as a download.

The City Manager's Office is your source for information about the brand, permission to use the logo and slogan and brand artwork.

Vision Statement

The City of Lake Elsinore will be the ultimate lake destination where all can live, work and play, build futures and fulfill dreams.

Dream Extreme 2040 Plan

In July of 2020, the City of Lake Elsinore adopted its first long-term strategic plan, the Dream Extreme 2040 Plan. Minor edits are currently underway on the plan and it will be posted soon. For more information, please email us here.