Dream Extreme 2040 Plan

Setting a Framework to Achieve our Vision over the Next 20 Years

Adopted in July 2020, the Dream Extreme 2040 Plan (PDF) is the City's FIRST long-term strategic plan to assist the city in its pursuit of achieving its vision. The plan serves as a living document that will be updated regularly to provide a framework to guide all decision making over the next 20 years by identifying key Anchors, Aspirations, and Strategies.

Our Vision

2040 Plan Framework - Anchors, Aspirations, and StrategiesLake Elsinore will be the ultimate lake destination where all can live, work, and play, build futures and fulfill dreams.

Anchors for the City of Lake Elsinore

Anchors are assets that make the City unique-they are what make Lake Elsinore special and what will drive the future of our community. While a wide range of possibilities can be imagined for Lake Elsinore's future, structuring the vision plan around these three anchors helps to guide the City's decision making and efforts focus on the assets that matter most to the Lake Elsinore community.

Over time, the City will be known for:

  • The Lake - The Lake shapes the City's identity, supports an ecosystem rich with natural beauty, and offers unique recreational opportunities. The largest natural freshwater lake in Southern California, Lake Elsinore enables both extreme activities and everyday recreation. As the terminus of the San Jacinto River, Lake Elsinore faces unique ecological challenges. Protecting, enhancing, and celebrating the Lake is critical to Lake Elsinore's City and community health.
  • Downtown - Lake Elsinore's Downtown is a vibrant central hub that brings the community together. Enhancing the quality of the Downtown experience and building its strong sense of place will shape the City's identity as a unique place to live, work, and play.
  • Action and Adventure - The City has long been a destination for action sports and extreme activities. The community embraces life and dares to push the boundaries to achieve its goals. Lake Elsinore's programs, facilities, and natural environment will define the City as a destination for action and adventure for both visitors and residents.

Anchors of the City - The Lake, Downtown, Action and Adventure

Aspirations for the City of Lake Elsinore

Aspirations are broad, long-term goals grounded in the three anchors on the preceding page. Aspirations are cross-cutting, meaning they address multiple anchors and serve as organizing principles for what Lake Elsinore will be in 2040. 

The Four Aspirations of the City

Aspiration Number 1: Be the destination for the action sports industry in Southern California

Lake Elsinore will be a world-class city known as the destination for the extreme sports and outdoor activities in Southern California- the Action Sports Capital of the world using the following strategies: 

  • Expand investments in extreme sports activities,
  • Broaden Lake Elsinore’s Appeal as a tourist destination,
  • Proactively attract and grow businesses supporting the City’s Dream Extreme vision.

Aspiration Number 2: Grow a vibrant and active City where our residents thrive

Lake Elsinore will be known for its high quality of life, attracting new residents who value diverse housing options, outstanding education opportunities, and high standards of public safety and resilience. A wide range of people – from young families to active retirees– will choose Lake Elsinore’s as the ideal place to live an active lifestyle and Dream Extreme by implementing the following strategies: 

  • Market the City to corporations, businesses, and developers to attract desired economic and residential development.
  • Promote public health and strengthen Lake Elsinore’s identified as a community for active lifestyles
  • Ensure Lake Elsinore is family-friendly
  • Identify opportunities to improve transportation networks and reduce transportation-related costs
  • Encourage and attracting the development of a regional healthcare center.
  • Increase access to education in Lake Elsinore

Aspiration Number 3: Foster our natural resources - the Lake and our Surroundings are the heart of our community

Lake Elsinore will be a leading example of active urban living. Innovative land management and urban development will integrate natural assets, active living amenities, and the built environment by implementing the following strategies.

  • Continue efforts to beautify and activate the waterfront, diversifying and growing Lake Elsinore’s economy
  • Increase connections to nature
  • Plan for resilience and sustainability
  • Improve water management efforts at the Lake

Aspiration Number 4: Dream Extreme in our City governance, seeking innovative, inclusive, and enduring solutions

Lake Elsinore will set a high standard for innovative governance with streamlined City processes, aided by technology that fosters a fiscally sound future, sustainable economic development, and responsive public service by implementing the following strategies.

  • Development community engagement strategies to foster more inclusive city governance
  • Safeguard the City’s long-term fiscal health through boosting and diversifying sources
  • Increase partnerships with publicly, private, or non-profit organizations
  • Embrace technology to support the delivery of City services
  • Allocate public resources effectively and efficiently creating fiscal models that ensure sustainability
  • Continue to build a culture of innovation throughout the organization